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Auditions for
"CLUE: Stage Fright Tonight!"

For Adults 18+ &
Trained PSC Students

Monday, Nov 27
or Tuesday, Nov 28
6:30 - 8:30p
@ Camp Shiloh, Pittsburg

1) Register by clicking on link above
2) Then you'll receive script sides for auditions via email.



Welcome to Tudor Mansion. May we have your hat, coat, and…AAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!

Pardon me. Didn’t mean to frighten you, but you have just witnessed a murder!


Pay attention, because Mr. John Boddy has been murdered by one of the very suspicious suspects. But who?... Why?... How? ... When?!!


Let’s cling to the edge of our seats and watch…as…

Oh, my goodness…what was that?!

Another murder!!

And another?!

Six dead bodies!


What kind of place is this?!


Who is that spector floating about?

What is that mumbling fur ball?

Why are they serving dinner at a time like this? 


I’m feeling faint!!... I can’t catch my breath…it’s all so insane!


So…why are you laughing? BECAUSE IT’S JUST PLAIN FUNNY! 


Let loose…have fun be prepared for… 

A different ending at each show!…

A different Whodunnit at each performance!


6 Clue Suspects:

Ms. White

Professor Plum

Colonel Mustard

Miss Scarlet

Ms. Peacock

Mr. Green


Frau Bleucher


Inspector Cluesseau

Fifi, the French Maid

Margaret Boddy

Nurse Hallie Tosis

Mr. Ed

Rusty Naler

Cousin Itt

The Milk Man

Mrs. Cooke

Humphries the Butler

Eddie the Telephone Repairman


Two 10ish year old Best Friends at a Sleepover who play the game, CLUE:




Additional secret characters…Shhhh:)

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