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Our Screen Acting Class produced 2 original script-to-screen video mystery episodes of THE BUTTER FINGER GANG
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In the first episode,
"THE CASE OF THE PEANUT BUTTER BANDIT," our PSC students starred as The Butter Finger Gang solving the mystery of who stole the peanut butter and banana sandwich at their summer camp at Camp Katchem Squashem.

Allison Moss as Agatha, the mystery-genre enthusiast who never reads to the end Raegan Johnston as Mac (MacKenna), the inept McGeyver Carolina Burrow as Gertie, the nervous cutie with a short attention span Bailey Fink as Crockett, the reluctant leader of The Butter Finger Gang.


Things at Camp Katchem Squashem are off to a bad start for the reluctantly formed Butter Finger Gang. Instead of fun in the sun and campfire sing-a-longs, Crockett, Mac, Gertie and Agatha just learned of a five-mile mountain hike and bunkhouse inspections, all with only fifteen minute meals! Desperate to eat before a stampede of hungry campers attacks, Gertie makes her favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich only to have it stolen, leaving her and the rest of the Gang to search for clues, find the Peanut Butter Bandit or forever never eat at camp again! Will Gertie pass out from nerves or starvation? Will Agatha, the mystery-genre enthusiast who never reads the last chapter, for once find out the end of a mystery? Will any of Mac’s inept inventions ever work and will Crockett be able to lead this ragtag group of girls to the sandwich snatcher? Watch The Butter Finger Gang in "The Case of the Peanut Butter Bandit" to find out!


The second episode of the Butter Finger Gang is
"The Case of the Pilfered Package."
The Butter Finger Gang are at it again! Someone with long pink gloves stole a package at Camp Katchem Squashem and the Butter Finger Gang is going to find out who--if they can stoop squabblin' long enough to work as a team and move the parcel predicament!
And now FOUR NEW CRAZY CHARACTERS (or is hit 5...hmmm...) have joined the summer camp who also think the package is theirs!
Old Lady Walker has taken over as camp director. Hallelujah! Now there's no more bunkhouse inspections and five-mile hikes!! She's hired Ms. Klutzenberger, a clumsy 3x Olympian track gold medalist, to run keep everyone in shape. And BFFs, Lottie and Dottie, have joined the fun, but the camp can't handle three divas, according to Agatha. Its all out war at the Tug-O-War!
Whose package is it? Crockett's hammock or Mac's spyglass? Agatha's books or Gertie's peanut butter and bananas? Maybe it's Klutzenberger[s Tug-O-War t-shirts or Lottie & Dotti's makeup...
The pinched parcel sure has everyone in a tizzy!! The Butter Finger Gang better get it together ad find the package before Old Lady Walker completely loses what marbles she has left!

Raegan Johnston as:
MAC, the inept McGeyver
MS. KLUTZENBERGER, the classy 3x Olympian gold medalist

Carolina Burrow as:
GERTIE, the nervous nilly with a short attention span
LOTTIE, BFF diva to Dottie

Bailey Fink as:
CROCKETT, the reluctant leader of the Butter Finger Gang
DOTTIE, BFF diva to Lotie

Allison Moss as:
AGATHA, the mystery-genre enthusiast who never reads to the end
MRS. ANITA WALKER, near deaf & blind new Camp Director
STARLETTA, mega movie star who surprises Camp Katdhem Squashem


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