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"The Butter Finger Gang Mysteries"

Performance Supply Company is excited to take our original screenplay we produced in 2021-22, "The Butter Finger Gang Mysteries" and bring it to the Whatley stage as a 30-minute Summer musical!

Trained or first-time actors & dancers ~ come join in the fun and perform the fantastically fun story, "THE BUTTER FINGER GANG MYSTERIES." This two-week, fun-filled camp will teach acting and dance to kids ages 8 to 16 as they learn the basics of auditioning, scene blocking, choreography and develop a 30-minute musical to be performed the last day of camp on the Whatley Center stage for family and friends.

Auditions for parts will take place the second day of camp (we’ll get to know each other on day one and learn auditioning skills). 

Every camper will be cast. Those cast as lead roles will be required to memorize lines each night in preparation for the next day’s rehearsal (no worries, you can do it!) Costumes and sets provided. Once registered, campers’ parents will receive an introductory email with all information regarding attire, snack break, performance time, and auditioning & line memorization tips. Please email for more information

The Butter Finger Gang follows four campers at Camp Katchum Squashum: Agatha, the mystery-genre enthusiast who never reads to the end; Mac, the inept McGeyver; Gertie, the nervous cutie with a short attention span; and Crockett, the reluctant leader of The Butter Finger Gang.

Someone with long pink gloves stole a package at Camp Katchem Squashem and the Butter Finger Gang is going to find out who--if they can stoop squabblin' long enough to work as a team!

Old Lady Walker has taken over as camp director. Hallelujah! Now there's no more bunkhouse inspections and five-mile hikes!! She's hired Ms. Klutzenberger, a clumsy three-time Olympian track gold medalist, to help keep everyone get in shape. And BFFs, Lottie and Dottie, have joined the fun, but the camp can't handle three divas, according to Agatha. Its an all out war at the Tug-O-War! Whose package is it? Crockett's hammock or Mac's spyglass? Agatha's books or Gertie's peanut butter and bananas? Maybe it's Klutzenberger's Tug-O-War t-shirts or Lottie and Dotti's makeup...
The pinched parcel sure has everyone in a tizzy!! The Butter Finger Gang better get it together and find the package before Old Lady Walker completely loses what marbles she has left

JULY 8 - 18, 2024
Mondays-Thursdays, 8:30a - 12:30p
8 classes, 1 performance

THURSDAY, JULY 18 @ 12 Noon
@ THE WHATLEY CENTER (where class is held) 
Please feel free to videos
 & pics!
Share on our Insta & FB pages!!

Cost: $200

Call 903-434-8134
Fee includes instruction, costumes, props & Kids College camp t-shirt.


Audition, Learn & Perform a 30 minute musical in 8 days!!

Trained & untrained actors, dancers & singers all welcome for a fun two week camp!!


Classes & Performance on the beautiful Whatley Performing Arts Center stage!


@Northeast Community College via theirKIDS DISCOVERY COLLEGE


Click on 'Past Shows' tab to see pics of "Annie" Summer Camp 2019,"Alice in Wonderland" 2021, "Wizard of Oz" 2022, & "Cinderella" 2023 at NTCC.

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