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We have an absolutely fabulous story...

You won't believe it! It's captivating, hilarious, sometimes tragic and will leave you feeling ten feet tall, filled with hope, joy and wonder!

Our story is like the stories we tell on stage, complete with all the emotions~~highs and lows, whooppees and whoas! 


Now, we shall dim the lights and tell our tale.


(Spotlight on curly-headed woman centerstage delivering her monologue)


My sisters called me a Porch Baby..a critter left on the doorstep, chosen to liven things up!  No truth to it, of course (I’ve got my mother’s thighs & my daddy’s nose), but I’ve always loved the cradled feeling such a nickname saddled me with. Creativity and ‘gitter done’ runs in my family.  Ever since my great grandmother Bessie rocked me on our porch on Corona Street in Austin, Texas, my family has been sewing, painting, building or blingin’ something from nothing.


Now, after 35+ years teaching dance & choreographing everything from contemporary to Broadway, making all crazy types of props & sets, sewing stuff from stuff, and launching three kids into the world, I am doing what my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Harrington said I should do..tell stories and make sure to give her credit when I made my debut on Johnny Carson.  Well, maybe I'll get my chance with one of Johnny's descendents.



Thank you! Thank you! Ahem~~



Hello, I’m Jodie Stewart Wilk, aka Porch Baby. I hope you liked my story!

PERFORMANCE SUPPLY COMPANY’S story is my story! I’ve led a full, blessed life that I’d love to share more in bits in pieces as we get to know each other, but the main point of my monologue is to answer the question,



WE ARE STORYTELLERS. Just like you! It’s not that difficult to tell a story. Think about it. You tell stories everyday. You told your friend about the fun princess-themed party you threw for your daughter. You thrashed your arms wildly while you explained to a co-worker how horrible the traffic was that made you late. You cried in the arms of your mother telling her your heart would never be whole again because the love of your life betrayed you.


At PSC, we teach you to tell your stories BIGGER, LOUDER  and with sets, props and some awesome dance steps:)


Then once you learn that you can tell your story, you learn you can tell someone else’s story. Embody a character. Put yourself in their shoes, take the stage and let your emotions move through your character and evoke the desired reaction from your audience.


“Ahhhhh!! That’s scary,” you say. Well, that takes me to my second point of WHO IS PSC?.


WE ARE CONQUERERS. We cross ‘fear lines.’ One of my greatest joys in life is watching a student, young or old, take courage by the tail and conquer the little things that hold them back. Whether it’s standing solo in front of the class, attempting new choreography, performing a two-page monologue on opening night or walking into my class for the first time, we celebrate each other’s daily step across the dreaded line that holds us back from our own greatness and growth.


And once you’ve told stories that run the emotional gamut, have fallen and been helped up, have worn stage make-up and sweated backstage with your cast mates knowing for sure you’ll forget every word and dance step once the curtain is up, you’ll know the third and most important point of WHO IS PSC?


WE ARE FRIENDS. There is nothing like putting on a show to grow forever friendships. If you’re gonna work with people for six weeks learning lines, blocking and choreography and helping with sets and going to tech rehearsals, you might as well make new friends and wonderful memories:)

One other thing! 


WE ARE SUPPLIERS. In addition to supplying our students with all the tools needed to confidently get on stage and perform daring feats of song, dance and thespian tricks, we also supply lots of other stuff related to the stage. We...

direct,  write shows,  choreograph,  teach dance,

make sets and props,  help others put on their shows,

do master classes and camps for theatre, studios and dance/drill teams,

assist with speech and presentations

etcetera, etcetera.


If you’re gettin’ on stage, we can help!

If we did not supply you with enough information about who we are, send us a note. The form is below! We can't wait to put on a show with you!!

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