Spring 2022
Production Class
April 29 & 30, 2022
at Emmanuel Baptist Church
Pittsburg, Texas



Performance Supply Company’s original new comedic play, “WHOSE PLAY IS IT ANYWAY?!” written and directed by Jodie Wilk and starring PSC students:

Mia Wooten as the Scuttleberry High School Theatre Director, Dolly Carmichael; Abby Harrison as Leona, the aspiring playwright who usurps Carmichael’s script; Allison Moss as Galinda and Violet Valdamar as Cosette, who vie for the lead role via insults, punches and jabs; Reuben Wallace as monotone Marvin, who can’t act and desperately wants to be a part of Galinda’s popular group until he dons the purple Prince costume; Jade Guzman as the sassy Coco Chanel, who is more interested in improving the hideous costumes than acting; Sophia Wallace as Darby, the captain of every sports team at school, knows every Broadway musical reference and has a unique furry Elvis impression; and Spencer Anderson as Bernie, the chronically tardy, excuse-ridden, yet lovable student.


Play Description:

The Scuttleberry High Beginning Theatre Class is preparing to do their spring play. Director Carmichael has a clever idea to combine the three fairytales, “Three Little Pigs,” “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” and “Cinderella” into one mashed up play. Leona, an aspiring playwright with an over-zealous social conscious and an abundance of big words, is constantly making script suggestions and edits that result in an already confused and uninterested theatre class.

The budding actors don’t know if they’re telling the story of three pigs, three bears or a shoeless debutant. Somehow a turkey, a stylish evil stepmother Elvis and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince get on stage and Ms. Carmichael can’t seem to get enough coffee to get her through to opening night! Will Cosette or Galinda get the lead? What is the lead role? What is the story? And Whose Play Is It Anyway?!!